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divorce lawyer monmouth county njThe one certain outcome of any New Jersey divorce is that life will change dramatically for everyone involved. Monmouth County NJ Divorce Lawyer Corinne Campi helps men and women throughout Ocean County and southern Monmouth County NJ to protect what matters most to them, both personally and financially.

Preparation is critical, and this list of 10 basic tips if you are facing divorce includes some of the most important steps you can take and step that your Monmouth County Divorce Attorney will walk you through. Here’s a reference on/for NJ Divorce Laws

10 Tips For Facing Divorce From Monmouth County NJ-Based Divorce and Family Attorney – Corinne Campi

1. Know your assets and liabilities. Property division, child support, any alimony payments or settlement, and other financial issues can be complex and intensely disputed in divorce. With so much on the line, some people try to take unfair advantage. Documentation and knowledge add up to protection for you.

2. Collect financial documents and keep them in a safe place. Your divorce attorney will need key documents such as your tax returns for the past three years, recent pay stubs, and statements for bank, investment and credit card accounts.

3. Know your current living expenses. Gather a record of all regular bills such as those for your mortgage, property taxes, utilities, vehicle payments, insurance, cable, and phones.

4. Run your credit report. This can expose issues such as your spouse having opened credit cards or other accounts without your knowledge.

5. Take action to protect your financial assets. If you have a spiteful or untrustworthy spouse and joint bank accounts, investment accounts, cash in the house — or all of these — get prompt counsel from a knowledgeable divorce lawyer on ways to protect your share.

6. Protect cherished personal assets physically. It is often wise to take jewelry and other significant items and put them in a safety deposit box or other safe location that your divorcing spouse does not know about.

7. Take care of yourself emotionally. Retaining a therapist for yourself in this stressful, traumatic time could be the best decision you make.

8. Prepare to confront the worst, most hurtful things that your spouse may say about you — true or not. It is crucial to be honest with your lawyer about your history and sources of conflict in the marriage. Then we can gauge whether these allegations could hurt you in litigation and decide on the best approach to overcoming them.

9. Stay with your children if you are seeking custody. Do not leave your home without your children if you want primary residential custody and have been their primary caregiver.

10. Retain a therapist for your children. The divorce takes an emotional toll on all involved, and kids often benefit greatly from professional counseling. Their stability and well-being must be kept in the forefront throughout divorce proceedings.

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Protecting your relationships and financial well-being may call for many more proactive steps. If you are facing or seriously considering divorce in New Jersey, we encourage you to request a free initial consultation with Corinne Campi, Esquire LLC, a respected firm with full-service offices in Spring Lake NJ. We proudly offer experienced family law, divorce mediation, and child custody services to families throughout Monmouth and Ocean County NJ.

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