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Collaborative Law | Collaborative Lawyer Monmouth County NJCollaborative Law or Collaborative divorce is an alternative form of dispute resolution designed to foster the resolution of divorce and family law related issues respectfully and equitably, without court intervention. Like mediation and arbitration, it takes place outside of the purview of the court system, with the goal of reaching a fair settlement, but without the pressure and uncertainties that accompany litigation. At Campi Family Law, we offer Collaborative Law services. If you are in Monmouth County, NJ, consider a consultation at our Spring Lake office.

Our Collaborative Law practice is different from other approaches to divorce in that it promotes respect and enables spouses to be in control of the divorce process. The goal is to address each couple’s unique concerns and advance each party’s interest without reference to the often arbitrary, one size fits all, resolutions available through the Superior Court.


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divorce lawyer monmouth county njWith a Collaborative Law approach, the parties select an attorney of their own choosing and commit to working outside of the court system to develop a settlement in the matter. Because the clients agree not to go to court, the process itself can be more open and less adversarial. The lawyers are used in a much more focused way in their capacity as problem solvers and knowledgeable divorce professionals. The goal is to enhance communication throughout the process and lay the groundwork for a healthier post-divorce relationship between the parties.

Unlike litigation, a collaborative divorce gives the parties control of when, where, how often, and how long they need to meet for each negotiation session. In addition, collaborative divorce professionals are always looking for a way to advance both parties’ interests in a mutually beneficial way. The win-lose mentality of litigating in court is dispensed with, in favor of a collaborative team working with each other, not against each other, to craft a mutually beneficial solution. Often, the first step of the process is to create a framework for effective communication, to enable the building of a fair settlement, and the trust for both parties to commit to it.


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