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Property Division Lawyer spring lake monmouth county njIs Achieving Fair Property Division A Key Concern In Your New Jersey Divorce? Divorce often creates major financial upheaval and serious concerns about one or both parties’ future economic well-being. Whether you have millions in the balance or more modest assets to protect, your divorce lawyer’s diligence in gathering accurate data and advocating for you can make a pivotal difference for your future.

Count On Sound Legal And Financial Guidance Every Step Of The Way For Property Division

At Corinne Campi, Esquire LLC, we help clients set solid expectations and make informed decisions regarding the distribution of money, real estate, equity in property and all other assets and liabilities. Monmouth County NJ Attorney Corinne Campi not only has an excellent financial background and acumen herself, but our firm has built enduring relationships with qualified accountants, business valuation experts and other professionals that may prove crucial in building your case for a favorable property division outcome.

Complex Or Undisclosed Assets? Dispute Over Alimony? We Offer Financially Savvy, Strategic Representation

divorce lawyer monmouth county njAre you focused on staying in your home and ensuring that child support is properly calculated and fair to you? We help many women and men negotiate basic property settlements that enable them to move forward without regret. Our legal team is also exceptionally equipped to guide you through the complexities of a high-asset divorce.

We assist clients across the full economic spectrum of life in Monmouth County and Ocean County. Ms. Campi’s experience and capabilities cover:

  • Representing business owners, executives, professionals, other affluent people and their spouses in all aspects of complex property and asset division — often involving business interests, multiple homes, investment accounts, inheritances that may be separate property, and more
  • Enlisting a forensic accountant to help ensure that all financial information is on the table, including assets that your spouse may have concealed or squandered
  • Resolving high-value property disputes via the path best-suited to your case and objectives, whether that means direct negotiation, mediation, arbitration, collaborative law or full-scale preparation for trial
  • Defending or attacking the validity of prenuptial agreements

When couples with significant wealth and assets divorce after long-term marriages, alimony is often a key, disputed issue as well. We are carefully tracking implementation of the Alimony Reform Act of 2014 in the specific New Jersey courts where we practice.

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At Corinne Campi, Esquire LLC, we are a long-standing Spring LakeSea GirtBrielleWallManasquan, and Monmouth County NJ Area Divorce and Family Lawyer. To request a consultation directly with attorney Corinne Campi in Spring Lake, NJ, call our firm at 732-556-0525 or send a brief email inquiry now. We proudly offer experienced family law, divorce mediation, and child custody services to families throughout Monmouth and Ocean County NJ.

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