Divorce Mediation Lawyer

Divorce Mediation Divorce Lawyer Spring Lake Monmouth County NJTHE RIGHT CHOICE AT A DIFFICULT TIME. Monmouth County, NJ-based Divorce Mediation is a less expensive, minimally time consuming process that permits families to resolve all of their marital differences. Mediation allows one to be in control of the financial outcome of the end of a marriage with a spouse in a private, controlled environment. I use experts such as real estate appraisers, certified financial planners, actuaries, forensic accountants, psychologists, and therapists in cases that warrant same, just as an attorney representing you in the court system in a litigated matter would do.

The difference between divorce mediation and litigation is that you both make choices that are best for you and your children, instead of your attorney or a judge who does not know you. Of course, any settlement agreement should be reviewed by counsel of your own choosing so that you are properly advised of your legal rights and remedies.

Corinne Campi is a family lawyer regularly appointed by judges and attorneys to mediate family matters that are in litigation prior to trial, and I maintain my own private Monmouth County NJ Divorce Attorney practice. Since you made the choice to marry, the choice to divorce should also be made within your own control, without diminishing your resources by litigating your divorce in a contentious, public, and lengthy manner. We also proudly offer experienced family law and child custody services to families throughout Monmouth and Ocean County.

Divorce Mediation Attorney Monmouth County NJ

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