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Contested Divorce Lawyer Attorney Monmouth County NJDissolving a marriage is a complex endeavor, especially if children are involved if you built up substantial assets during a long-term marriage or you have both of these all-important concerns. It’s extremely important you have the representation and are guided in the right directions by a trusted Monmouth County NJ Contested Divorce Lawyer. At Spring Lake, NJ-based Campi Family Law, we offer all Monmouth County experienced professional Contested Divorce Law services.

Parents often have very different views of what custody and parenting time arrangements will best serve their children’s interests. All marital property, assets and debts must be divided equitably — and this typically requires substantial analysis and at least a few creative compromises. Whether alimony should be awarded and, if so, how much for how long are other common sources of dispute.

For these reasons and many others, truly uncontested divorces are relatively rare for Monmouth and Ocean County residents. If you and your spouse can truly agree on all essential issues, Monmouth County Contested Divorce Lawyer Corrine Campi will draft your settlement agreement as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible at our office in Spring Lake NJ. We are rigorous in advising clients on their rights and options, but we do not complicate or “drag out” any case unnecessarily.

Contested Divorce | Disputed Divorce Issues Do Not Mean You Will End Up In Trial

Monmouth County Divorce and Family LawyerMs. Campi is a Spring Lake, Monmouth County NJ-based Divorce Lawyer versed in all paths to reaching workable agreements that keep decision-making power within your family, rather than leaving critical issues for a judge to decide. Key considerations in your contested divorce may include:

  • Involving a family counselor and structuring a detailed parenting plan can be instrumental steps in resolving child custody.
  • We are diligent in obtaining accurate asset valuations, in conducting thorough financial analysis aided by outside professionals when needed and proposing equitable property settlements based on these findings. If you believe your spouse has hidden assets or income to gain an unfair advantage in a divorce, we will compel full financial disclosure.
  • If you or your spouse seeks alimony, you will have an attorney who has decades of experience and in-depth knowledge of the Alimony Reform Act of 2014 to advise and advocate for you.
  • Provided both partners are willing to negotiate in good faith, family law mediation is often the best way to resolve disputes or lay a solid groundwork for agreement through direct negotiations.

I never for a millisecond doubted that she had my back and that I was in very, very good hands. — from a review by a divorce client represented by Corinne Campi, Esquire LLC, posted on the website with the subject line, “The Perfect balance.”


Contested Divorce | Campi Family Law Monmouth County NJ

At Corinne Campi, Esquire LLC, we are a long-standing Spring LakeSea GirtBrielleWallManasquan, and Monmouth County NJ Area Divorce and Family Lawyer. To request a consultation directly with attorney Corinne Campi in Spring Lake, NJ, call our firm at 732-556-0525 or fill out the form below. We proudly offer experienced family law, divorce mediation, and child custody services to families throughout Monmouth and Ocean County NJ.

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